Why I’m running in the LSUC Bencher Election

In my role at CanLII, I’ve had the great honour of meeting and working with justice system participants from across the country as well as with benchers and law society staff from every Canadian jurisdiction. These are amazing people and, in particular with reference to benchers from all jurisdictions, their commitment and effort to governing the profession in the public interest is incredibly inspiring.

I’m running in part because their example makes me want to give back to the profession as they have, but also because my discussions with these people makes it clear that their bencher tables often lack the breadth of skills and experiences a law society governance team needs to handle all of the challenges within its ambit. There’s no shortage of highly qualified litigators at the table, and there’s reason to hope solicitor representation will grow, but where are the lawyers with track records of innovation, tech knowledge and a focus on rapidly morphing professional and public expectations of legal practice and legal services?

I’m running because I believe the Law Society needs a diversity of experience and perspective, and that I can bring something that is both unique and necessary to its activities. We’ve never experienced such a sense of change in the legal profession as that hitting its shore right now. In my role at CanLII, I’ve had a front-row seat on two of the biggest waves to confront the practice of law and administration of justice, namely, the legal technology revolution and the access to justice crisis. I like to think I’ve used my role to make positive contributions in meeting these challenges, and it is with respect to matters concerning technology and access to justice that I believe I stand to make a unique contribution if elected as a Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

You can find more about me and my platform at colinlachance.ca, on my Facebook page, and in this Law Times profile.

You can find more about the election on the Law Society of Upper Canada web site.


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