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The Price of Open and Free

On May 1st, a Texas law student uploaded the specs for 3D printing of a single-shot pistol to the web – specs that were downloaded over 100,000 times before the U.S. State Department asked that he remove them from his site. That same day, May 9th, U.S. President Barack Obama issued an executive order “Making Open and … Continue reading

Unbundling Legal Information

Because law belongs to the people, the governments and courts that issue law must make it available to the people. This is a simple and widely accepted fact. In practice, as governments and courts carry out their responsibilities to make law available, they do so in a wide variety of ways. For example, the digital … Continue reading

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  • RT @canadaCJFE: How open are Canada’s courts? Infographics and detailed insights on access to fed and prov courts bit.ly/1rEL0bz 1 day ago
  • Fascinating! In background of CNN reporting on "severe terror threat" in UK are a parade of tourists taking pictures in front of 10 Downing 1 day ago
  • Checking out the new Twitter analytics. Fascinating, but would have expected higher crossover with @CanLII followers http://t.co/7KpMmjsrnu 2 days ago

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