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Carl – a new name in the promotion of access to justice

Call me Carl. For a week in August, I played the role of law student intern to the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. My kids were thrilled because it meant they could call me Carl – just like the student intern to Major Monagram on the Disney XD cartoon Phineas and … Continue reading

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  • Tony "scarface" Manitoba? RT @CBCAlerts: Australian Crime Commission says Canada is the largest cocaine exporter to the country after Chile 1 day ago
  • RT @canadaCJFE: How open are Canada’s courts? Infographics and detailed insights on access to fed and prov courts bit.ly/1rEL0bz 3 days ago
  • Fascinating! In background of CNN reporting on "severe terror threat" in UK are a parade of tourists taking pictures in front of 10 Downing 3 days ago

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