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Six degrees of Kevin Bacon – or how to link the actor to any court decision

Check out Wikipedia’s  article on the party game of connecting any 2 actors (one of which is typically Kevin Bacon) to each other through no more than six pairings.  The game has many variations, so why not one for Canadian law?  Without typing a word and using less than six clicks of CanLII’s new search accelerator, can we connect Kevin … Continue reading

What GI Joe Taught Me About Access to Justice

  Back in the 80’s – well before the availability of such innovative distractions and time wasters as the internet, Netflix, DisneyXD or PVRs – the late afternoon viewing options for pre-teen couch-potatoes were pretty sparse.  Worse still, most of what was available often tried to impart important life lessons to impressionable young minds.  Anyone … Continue reading


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